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This is a free art class I streamed live back in 2014. It is also available on my Youtube page. You will get 8 AVI files which can be watched using VLC Media Player or any other media player that plays AVI files, and one ZIP file of all the images created and used in the class as well as a list of useful links (some of which may no longer work). The video is in real time and is narrated. I answer questions from the stream chat as I go.  I used Manga Studio (now Clip Studio Paint) for this but the information should apply to any art program or method. As this is quite old some of the information may be dated or incorrect but I hope it can be of some use regardless. I did my best to keep it SFW but there may be some strong language.  You may distribute this wherever you'd like though I would request that you do keep my name attached to it. You may not sell or make a profit from this in any way.  If you have any questions related to the class or any of the material herein, feel free to leave a comment or email me at farore dot nightclaw at gmail dot com!

Please note that this was recorded before I started taking testosterone, so my voice still sounds quite feminine. I am an agender person, not a woman, and use it/its or he/him pronouns. Please be respectful.


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artclass1.avi 271 MB
artclass2.avi 257 MB
artclass3.avi 277 MB
artclass4.avi 234 MB
artclass5.avi 262 MB
artclass6.avi 264 MB
artclass7.avi 325 MB
artclass8.avi 154 MB
artclassresources.zip 32 MB

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